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LIS or LiS may refer to:

LIS (programming language)

LIS (Language d'Implementation de Systèmes) was a system implementation programming language designed by Jean Ichbiah, who later designed Ada.

LIS was used to implement the compiler for the Ada-0 subset of Ada at Karlsruhe on the BS2000 Siemens operating system. Later on the Karlsruhe Ada compilation system got rewritten in Ada-0 itself, which was easy, because LIS and Ada-0 are very close.

Lis (linear algebra library)

Lis (Library of Iterative Solvers for linear systems, pronounced [lis]) is a scalable parallel software library for solving linear equations and eigenvalue problems that arise in the numerical solution of partial differential equations using iterative methods.

Lis (surname)

Lis is a surname. Notable people with the name include:

  • Andrzej Lis (born 1959), Polish fencer
  • Bogdan Lis (born 1952), Polish politician
  • Hanna Lis (born 1970), Polish TV journalist
  • Iryna Lis (born 1972), Belarusian dressage rider
  • Joe Lis (1946–2010), American baseball player
  • John T. Lis, American professor
  • Lucjan Lis (born 1950), Polish cyclist
  • Oliver Lis (born 1984), Colombian writer
  • Tomasz Lis (born 1966), Polish journalist and former TV anchor

Usage examples of "lis".

But as a teacher of the Queen's language Lis was bound by the rale that difficulty of expression is no excuse for not expressing, and so she tried once more.

She'd died just eight months ago, sitting in an antique rocking chair as she looked out over the patio where Lis and Owen now sat.

Hearing nothing, Lis put the kettle on the stove then crouched to forage through the cabinet that contained the tea and coffee.

Portia tightened her mouth at the motherly tone and Lis winced, looking for a way to apologize.

This process seemed to continue, by inches and miles, Lis sensed, even tonight.

The silence again grew thick and Lis realized that it was her husband's presence that had made conversation possible between the sisters.

She sounded] irritated—because, Lis supposed, her escape from the L'Auberget manse tonight was looking complicated.

Suddenly, however, this benediction struck Lis as a token of bad luck and superstitiously she retracted it.

She'd been forced to endure an evening in the country, and she was blowing Lis one of the cold kisses her older sister remembered so well.

How, Lis wondered, had the fragile glass survived intact all those turbulent years?

When she was young, Lis had plotted to dye her hair the copper color of a plant this shade-an Arizona grandiflora-and paid for it with a whipping when her father, in one of his Saturday-morning raids on the girls' room, discovered the Clairol, hidden beneath her mattress.

Plants are no different and in deference to them Lis had installed, in addition to five-hundred-nanometer artificial-sunlight lamps for overcast days, a series of dim blue and green bulbs for nighttime hours.

This after all, Lis reasoned, the computer age, and she had place outfitted with a microprocessor climate-control that kept the temperature above sixty-two degrees on the coldest of nights and operated the automated jfvents along the roof's peak and roller shades on the south-panes (sunlight being as potentially dangerous as frost.

The slate was deep green-blue and had been picked by Lis as a reminder of a rose yet to be, the L'Auberget hybrid.

But color and form, now traits in disrepute, were what excited Lis Atcheson.