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Linder may refer to:

  • Linder (river), a river in Bavaria, Germany
  • Linder Township, Greene County, Illinois
  • Linder Peak, Antarctica
  • Linder Glacier, Antarctica

Linder is also a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Alex Linder (born 1966), founder of Vanguard News Network
  • Allan Linder (born 1966), American artist
  • Anders Linder (born 1941), Swedish actor and jazz musician
  • Béla Linder (1876–1962), Hungarian army officer and government minister
  • Ben Linder (1959–1987), American engineer killed by Nicaraguan Contra rebels
  • Bengt Linder (1929–1985), Swedish writer and journalist
  • Cec Linder (1921–1992), Polish-born Canadian actor
  • Clarence Hugo Linder (1903–1994), American electrical engineer
  • Dick Linder (1923–1959), American race car driver
  • Ernst Linder (1868–1943), Swedish general and Olympic gold medal horseman
  • Harold F. Linder (1900–1981), banker, businessman and politician
  • James Linder (born 1954), American doctor, professor and businessman
  • Joe Linder (1886–1948), American ice hockey player
  • John Linder (born 1942), American politician, former U.S. Representative from Georgia
  • John Linder (Pennsylvania) (born 1947), American politician, Mayor of Chester
  • Kate Linder (born 1947), American actress
  • Krister Linder (born 1970), Swedish electronic musician
  • Kurt Linder (born 1933), German former footballer and coach
  • Maud Linder (born 1924), French journalist, film historian and documentary film director
  • Max Linder (1883–1925), French pioneer of silent film
  • Michael Linder, American radio and television journalist and producer
  • Sophie Linder-Lee, English musical theatre actress
  • Staffan Burenstam Linder (1931–2000), Swedish economist and conservative politician, twice Minister of Trade
  • Virginia Linder (born 1953), Associate Justice of the Oregon Supreme Court
  • Linder Sterling (born 1954), British visual and performance artist and musician known by the single name Linder

Usage examples of "linder".

Every few minutes, Linder would call out the name of some long dead city as a position check.

Out of frustration, he and Arthur Linder had climbed a small hill for a panoramic view of the search area.

The police booth where Linder stood was less than ten feet from the garage opening.

His horse ignored him, continuing to plod grudgingly along through the dense San Linder woods.

If you have a prisoner by the name Linder--Daniel Linder, I think, and certainly the son of U.

If you send Linder to me as directed a day or two ago, also send Edwin C.

Observer Mike Linder of WNEW-FM stated that he had felt a sudden numbness, a kind of cold sensation.

She was close to her mother Louise, an independently wealthy woman with an income from the Linder department stores, but when Linda was eighteen years old, Louise was killed in a plane crash.

Madame Linders had money, but not much, and she made it go further than did ever Frenchwoman before, which is saying a great deal.

Madame Linders had not been dead ten days, when the brother and sister had a violent quarrel, and parted with the determination on either side never to meet again--a resolution which was perfectly well kept.

Monsieur Linders had, in fact, sown his wild oats, so to speak, and settled down to the business of his life.

The marriage was accomplished with all possible speed, and it was not till nearly two months later that an accident revealed to Magdalen Linders, what indeed in any case she must have discovered before long--what manner of man this was she had got for her husband.

Once more, then, the two set out together, and towards the middle of August found themselves established in their old quarters in the Paris Hotel, where Madame Linders had died, and where Madame Lavaux still reigned head of the establishment.

But can you tell me, Madame, had Madame Linders quarrelled with her English relations?

What ghosts from old years that Graham could not see, what memories from her childhood and girlhood, what shadows from the old Paris life, were thronging round Therese Linders, as with changed name and dress she sat there in her convent parlour!