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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Linch \Linch\ (l[i^]nch), n. [AS. hlinc a hill.] A ledge; a right-angled projection.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

early 14c., lins, from Old English lynis "linchpin," from Proto-Germanic *luniso (cognates: Old Saxon lunisa, Middle Dutch lunse, Dutch luns, German Lünse).


n. A ledge, a terrace; a right-angled projection; a lynchet.


Linch is a loose collection of hamlets and a civil parish in the Chichester District of West Sussex, England, north of Midhurst. It has an eighteenth-century church dedicated to St Luke.

In the 2001 census there were 29 households with a total population of 78 of whom 40 were economically active.

Usage examples of "linch".

Charles Linch identified himself as a trace evidence analyst from the Southwestern Institute of Forensic Sciences in Dallas.

I was at the smithy, settling an argument for two of the minor lords of the Dalriada regarding repairs to their war-chariots-a new linch pin and wheel-rims-and took no notice of the horns that morning, until Joscelin appeared and caught at my arm.

I lost the linch pin out of my forrard axle, and I turned up there to get it sot to rights.

It seemed to Linch that using Riot was like trying to harness a cyclone or ride a tidal wave, that Lady Wexford was dangerous to be near.

Thursday morning almost fifty years ago when Linch drove the Chevy to the station.

Lionel Wafer, tiring of the life of a civil surgeon at Port Royal, left Jamaica to go on a voyage with Captains Linch and Cook to the Spanish Main.

The captain flattened the propulsion fields and slewed the ship sideways at a right angle to the course line, then even before the frigate was reoriented, pulsed the de-energizers twice more on the nexus linch point between the shields of two towers.

Another pale amber de-energizer beam struck the same linch point, then another, and then a fourth.

The paper quoted Paul Ford as saying he had no idea the forensic scientist had been hospitalized for psychiatric treatment, and that it “bothered” him that neither Linch nor his supervisors at SIFS reported that he would have to be released from a psychiatric hospital to testify.