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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ Acid soil bed I wanted to make a raised bed to grown acid-loving plants in my limey soil.
▪ However, if the bed is raised, the limey water can't get in.
Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1888, Australian, New Zealand, and South African slang for "English immigrant;" U.S. use is attested from 1918, originally "British sailor, British warship," short for lime-juicer (1857), in derisive reference to the British Navy's policy (begun 1795) of issuing lime (n.2) juice on ships to prevent scurvy among sailors. In U.S., extended to "any Englishman" by 1924.Midway Signs Limey Prof to Dope Yank Talk ["Chicago Tribune" headline, Oct. 18, 1924]


a. 1 Resembling limes (the fruit), lime-like. 2 Of, or pertaining to, limes (the fruit). n. (context US slang English) An Englishman or other Briton, or a person of British descent.


n. a man of English descent [syn: John Bull]


Limey is a predominantly North American slang nickname for British people, originally referring to their sailors.

Limey (album)

Limey is the debut mixtape by British recording artist Rainy Milo, released in October 2012 through an independent label. The mixtape is Milo's first body of work, released after Milo began singing with local musicians and arts collectives when she was fourteen. Rainy began surfing the internet for jazz-inspired hip-hop beats in which she found producer BLCK RSSN. Milo enlisted BLCK RSSN as a producer for the mixtape along with Oddisee, Daje, Chet Faker, Flowzart, Cole M.G.N. and Eldad Guetta.

Sonically the album featured hip hop and jazz genre's. All of the songs from the mixtape were written by Milo except "Come Up and See Me" which is a rendition of the 1975 song Make Me Smile (Come Up and See Me) by Steve Harley & Cockney Rebel. Upon release the mixtape was met with general acclaim with reviewers calling the mixtape a "perfect soundtrack" and praising its "chilly atmospherics and lyrics." Critics also praised Milo's vocals noting them as "startling" and "smoking".

Milo began promoting the mixtape on late 2012, she released a video to the song "Bout You" which was filmed in London and depicts Milo taking a "trip through her hometown". This was followed by a video for "Don't Regret Me" released in January 2013. The video sees Milo "caught in the wind."

Usage examples of "limey".

In person, with their brightly colored Little Lord Fauntleroy clothes, they seemed nothing more than limey perverts.

We've told 'em we'll also take out their Typhoons and Alfas - why, for God's sake, are you Limeys being so goddam long about it?

Tween us and the frogs and the limeys and the Bodies, we musta done fired every artillery shell in the world 'bout ten times over.

I particularly fancied having the Bryson City Church of Christ sign beside my front gate in England and being able to put up different messages every week like REPENT Now, LIMEYS.

Not far away a stream flows out of a limey cave, rushes to the edge, and plunges off.

Nigger, panface, Paddy, Limey, Nazi, raisinhead, burrboy, hooknose, greaseball, Frog, coon, Canuck, slant, jungle bunny, spear chucker.

And the limeys and the frogs were supposed to be using the same sort of masks German and now U.

They're making like they're buddy-buddy with England, but if the limeys ever turn their backs on 'em, they'll get cornholed faster'n you'd believe.

Maybe the seas were too high to let the limeys launch torpedoes or to allow for accurate gunnery, but he didn't want to have to see by experiment.

But, since the limeys and the Japs both worried about the USA, they put up with each other.

If the Confederates or the limeys wanted to use a submersible to get in a quick knee in the nuts, those destroyers were the ones that would have to make sure they couldn't.

The Limeys have a way of getting drunk just before they have to go off and fight.

Five crucified Limeys - five Kilroys - stared briefly at Valletta's sky till he pocketed it.

Any Germans that the Limeys knock down with those old SBU's we won't have to fight later.

If we can detach a squadron from the Sandwich Islands to give our allies a hand, we got to figure ain’t no way for the limeys and the Japs to get Honolulu and Pearl away from us.