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Limbu (Unicode block)

Limbu is a Unicode block containing characters for writing the Limbu language.

Usage examples of "limbu".

Sten had just enough time to see Subadar-Major Limbu draw his kukri and suicide-charge the knot of men.

Two Praetorians died before they even had time to open fire, and then Limbu fell.

Subadar-Major Chittahang Limbu had a willygun on full auto, spraying rounds into the banquet room.

Gurkhas under Subadar-Major Limbu, who set up the rear guard, could only hold for a few moments.

Gurkhas had been built back up to the strength and were headed by Subadar-Major Chittahang Limbu, even though he was still technically recuperating from his wounds.

Captain Limbu and his second Gurkha bodyguard, daring them to show a slight glint of humor.

The Gurkhas were Jemedar Lalbahadur Thapa, and newly promoted Havildars Chittahang Limbu and Mahkhajiri Gurung.