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Limba may refer to:

  • The Limba people (Cameroon)
  • The Limba language (Cameroon)
  • The Limba people (Sierra Leone)
  • The Limba language (Sierra Leone)
  • The Terminalia superba, a tree in West Africa.
  • Limba, Panchthar, a Village Development Committee in Nepal
  • Limba, a village in Ciugud Commune, Alba County, Romania
  • LIMBA, Long Island Metro Business Action, a business organization on Long Island in New York state

Usage examples of "limba".

My rangy hound Limba would lie against my legs and yawn, his yellow eyes appraising Moswell speculatively.

I looked, and there it was, looking like a broken limba great horned owl.

He was employing what would have been his own natural Romanian accent, had he not been cured of it in the Institut Limba Strain, the foreign language school run by the Third Branch.

The sef of course immediately informed the Securitate, and it was good-bye Orfelinat, and hello Institut Limba Strain.

It was not until I was placed in the Institut Limba Strain that I learned the truth.