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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Lim \Lim\ (l[i^]m), n. [See Limb.] A limb. [Obs.]

Lim (Croatia)

The Lim bay and valley is a peculiar geographic feature found near Rovinj and Vrsar on the western coast of Istria, south of Poreč, Croatia. The name comes from the Latin limes for "limit", referring to the landform's position at the border of two Roman provinces: Dalmatia and Italia.


Lim or LIM refers to:

Lim (river)

The Lim ( Montenegrin and Serbian: Лим, Lim, ) is a river flowing through Montenegro, Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. long, it's the right and the longest tributary of the Drina.

LIM (rapper)

Salim Lakhdari (born in July, 1979 in Boulogne-Billancourt ( Paris), France), more commonly known as LIM, is a French rapper and producer of Kabyle Algerian origin.

Usage examples of "lim".

Vry and her other close friend, Amin Lim, were sitting with her, copying out a design.

Shay Tal remained where she was, facing the charge, and Vry and Amin lim clung to her in terror, hiding their faces.

She puts up with stupid people like Amin Lim because they pander to her haughtiness.

Amin Lim nearer to bestow a confidence and they put their heads together over the supine body of Shay Tal.

Looking at the austere contours of that loved face, Amin Lim thought she was watching someone facing death with composure.

Amin Lim had once gone into pauk herself, under guidance, the fright of seeing her father again had been enough for her.

She put her hand to her mouth looking from Shay Tal to Amin Lim and back.

Vry came frequently, often in the company of Amin Lim, who was carrying her newborn infant in her arms.

Amin Lim was there with her child, and Vry, and Laintal Ay with Oyre, and several other women beside.

Maysa Latra, Amin Lim, and two younger disciples, devout pupils of the academy.

Amin Lim leading, weeping silently, continued sedately along the path.

Given more time he might have been able to command greater support but Lim had arrived too soon.

His arrival had cracked it and now Lim threatened to shatter it with his demands.

Cyber Lim has warned he will destroy Zabul unless you are handed over to him.

An error Lim found unpleasing and he quested for reasons to account for it.