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Lilla is a female given name, derived from Elizabeth.

Lilla (Catalonia)

Lilla is a small village in the south-east part of Montblanc municipality, in the Conca de Barberà. It is located by the N-240 road, between Montblanc and Valls, and near Coll de Lilla. In 2005 it had 78 inhabitants.

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Lilla (disambiguation)

Lilla is an Italian given name for girls.

Lilla may also refer to:

  • Mark Lilla (born 1956), American essayist, historian of ideas and professor of humanities
  • Lilla clan, a small tribe of Jat status found in Punjab Pakistan
  • Lilla Karlsö, a small Swedish island in the Baltic Sea
  • Lilla Edet, a locality and the seat of Lilla Edet Municipality in Västra Götaland County, Sweden
  • Lilla Bommen (popularly referred to as The Lipstick), a post-modern skyscraper in the Lilla Bommen district of central Gothenburg, Sweden