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Lilas (, also Romanized as Līlās, Lailās, and Leylās; also known as Līlān and Leylān) is a village in Solgi Rural District, Khezel District, Nahavand County, Hamadan Province, Iran. At the 2006 census, its population was 358, in 101 families.

Lilas (disambiguation)

Lilas is a village in Iran.

Lilas can also mean:

  • Les Lilas, in Paris, France
  • Porte des Lilas (Paris Métro), a Métro station
  • Lilás, the sixth album of Brazilian singer and songwriter Djavan, released in 1984

Usage examples of "lilas".

It was silly to feel as if she was floating away to join all those gold and ivory Lilas in that queer looking-glass world.

Between the plates Lilas set several covered bowls and a basket of fragrant fresh-baked rolls.

I will accompany you only to the other side of the mountains, then you and Lilas will go alone.

He heard her voice, and realized Lilas was talking to Anna in the Syrithian language!

He heard the soft fall of pebbles as Lilas stepped toward him, heard her soft breath.

He felt heat crawl up his neck as he told Lilas what he wished to learn.

Rathyn felt awkward and clumsy, as time and time again he stumbled on loose rocks, and Lilas took his weight.

Two steps later, more confident, he tripped over a large jutting rock and if not for Lilas would have fallen.

At mid-day, Lilas handed him a chunk of bread, and he ate it on the move.

As Lilas led him down the gently sloping dune toward the noise of children, smells of fires and food, conversation, the desire to see burned in him ever brighter.

He heard Lilas approach him with a greeting - offering a gift for Mariah?

With blurred vision, he watched Mariah and Lilas spread blankets, then he lay beside the two women.

Soon, everyone was talking and eating, Lilas often pausing to translate for Rathyn so he could understand the flow of conversation.

At the base of the mountain he lit the torch and began his ascent up the steep path, Lilas behind him.

He glanced at Lilas who shook her head and remained near the entrance.