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a. (alternative form of li'l English)


LIL may refer to:

  • Lille Airport, with IATA code LIL
  • LIL, the Little Implementation Language
  • LIL, the Little Interpreted Language
  • lil, laugh in loud
  • LIL, large-ion-lithophile elements

Usage examples of "lil".

Every object that presented itself was enrobed in that sublime simplicity which characterizes these charming regions, whose imagery is at once lofty and impressive, lilling the mind that contemplates it with the most exquisite emotions.

At its center, Lil Ambrioth and the man who had masqueraded as Hadriax el Fex still strove against each other, but much of their combat was lost to sight behind others.

Karigan wandered through the breezeway into the central courtyard gardens, preoccupied by the journal of her apparent ancestor, Hadriax el Fex, and the words of Lil Ambrioth.

If Lil had been out all night on the gatter he would have caused a fucking riot.

The eyes blinked, and with a liquidy shimmer, a face formed around them, the face of Lil Ambrioth.

The mender gazed down at Lil as if in an attitude of prayer while he waited.

I endured a few minutes of leg-pulling from Della and Lil, was congratulated by Josephus in a melodiously outdated rap, envied by Jonie, and caused Fredo moans of outright grief by resigning.

Either Penny Lil had been ploughed by something firmer than a cock, he thought, or much more likely, her courses had appeared whilst she slept.

Lil was Lil, or Lily Marlene to a stranger, a Junoesque beauty now in the middle fullness of her years.

Orders were shouted and arrows shooshed into the air, but they flew wide, clattering into rocks far away from Lil.

She was dressed for work in a tweedy suit, looking very much like the all-wise Aunt Lil Fairchild, except for a large straw sunbonnet and white gloves.

In the two years since it began operating, Big Lil had been economical compared with smaller generators, magnificently reliable, and trouble-free.

By the time Zia was four, Averill and Tina were Daddy and Mom to her, and Lily was Aunt Lil.

Blessing covered the door opening with his hulk, leaned against the frame, and chewed on a strip of beef jerky, which Lil always sent in her parcels.

And why were his favorite woman, Diamond Lil Schindler, his cronies, Chauvin, Joplin and other musicians, and their women there?