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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Hydride \Hy"dride\, n. [Hydr- + ide.] (Chem.) A compound of the binary type, in which hydrogen is united with some other element.

lith"i*um hy"dride, n. (Chem.) A hydride of lithium, LiH, commonly used as a powerful reducing agent in organic chemistry.


LIH may refer to:

  • Andrew Lih, American author of The Wikipedia Revolution
  • Lihue Airport, Kauai, Hawaii, US, IATA code
  • Lithium hydride, or LiH, a Lithium compound in chemistry
  • London International Hospital, former Royal Masonic Hospital

Usage examples of "lih".

It was rumored that, for all her years on the bench, in spite of her reputation as a top judicial mind, notwithstanding her position as one of the most revered interpreters of Imperial law, Lih was ever so slightly vain about the colorful appearance she gave, the way in which the bright red robes set off her soft turquoise skin.

Judge Tejan Popjens Lih, who was considered one of, if not the most influential judge on Trantor, had been quite vociferous in her opinion, delivered the day following Rial Nevas's emotional testimony.

Bohalendas smelled the hot spicy bite of the iska and swung the chair around, ignoring its creak though as usual Lih clapped her hands over her flower-petal ears, but grinned as she did it and whistled a much pleasanter version of the grinding rise and fall of the sound.

Unlike Lih, he'd manifested no strong interest for joy or duty and that worried Bohalendas.

He grunted as Lih, feeling neglected, climbed onto his leg and lay stretched out against his side like she used to do when she was still nursing from the bloodnipples he'd resorbed into his body now that she was weaned.