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n. (context archaic English) (plural of lightning English)

Usage examples of "lightnings".

I would not have my son blasted by the lightnings he seeks to control.

Again and again he had seen Castle Aldaran under siege, arrows flying, armed men striking, lightnings aflare and striking down on the keep.

They lived in a land torn with war among mountains and Domains alike, Cassandra in a Tower beset by air-cars and incendiaries, Allart in a land aflame with forest fire and raging lightnings, striking like arrows.

They could strafe Tramontana with psychic lightnings, till the workers in the Tower were dead or mindless.

It seemed to him that lightnings played all over Castle Aldaran, though the sky was wholly clear again, and that the air was heavy with fire.

Still, Allart felt a dreadful unease, and it seemed to him that unending lightnings still played around the castle.

Dorilys moved for the first time since she had struck Donal down, a menacing gesture, but Renata did not pause or flinch, advancing step by step toward the core of those terrible lightnings where Dorilys blazed like some figure of legendary hells.

Murmuring a paltry incantation to make his armoring larger and longer lasting, El rose into a crouch to peer at the last few lightnings crawling about the Hall.

Those lightnings faded in her hands as she crashed to earth, to become her Dwaer .

Lady of Jewels were like raging flames, and lightnings seemed to be tumbling from her mouth.