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a. Resembling or characteristic of lightning.

Usage examples of "lightninglike".

As concentric rings of turbulent light expanding to the diameter of a small sea erupted from its summit, a single imposing device of Himalayan dimensions discharged a blinding fork of lightninglike energy so intensely purple it was almost black.

Do you remember the lightninglike strikes of energy that shot to and fro inside each of them as if trying to escape?

The molecules of water vapor in the clouds might allow the heavy charge accumulated in the ionosphere to leak off gradually during the long descent, avoiding any lightninglike arcing from the Thrust-tubes .

Wohafans themselves were odd creatures, balls of bright yellow light from which hundreds of lightninglike tendrils darted.

The lightninglike sword of Frey stabbed two as they ran, and the terrible hammer of bearded Thor smashed down the others.

In a lightninglike move, Ren rolled and disemboweled the man who had rammed him from behind.

Against the turbulent backdrop of the Bassen Rift's lightninglike bolts of energy, the first torpedo connected with the Scimitar 's shields, illuminating for an instant the outline of the predator ship.