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Lightnin' (film)

Lightnin' is a 1925 American comedy film directed by John Ford. It was based on a successful play of the same name. The original run started in 1918 at the Gaiety Theatre (New York) and continued for 1,291 performances, breaking the record for longest running play at that time.

The film was remade by Henry King for Fox in 1930 as an early talkie starring Will Rogers with support from Louise Dresser and Joel McCrea.

Lightnin' (play)

Lightnin' is a comedy play in three acts by Winchell Smith and Frank Bacon. The play was produced by John Golden and directed by P. E. McCoy. With Frank Bacon in the lead role and billed as “A Live Wire American Comedy”, ''Lightnin' '' made its Broadway debut on August 26, 1918, at the Gaiety Theatre and played continuously over three seasons with a record breaking run of 1,291 performances. The show began its long national tour at the end of August 1921 and continued on for some time after Bacon’s death in November 1922. ''Lightnin' '' was revived in 1938 for a two-month run at the John Golden Theatre with Fred Stone playing Lightnin’ Bill Jones and was adapted for cinema twice in films starring Jay Hunt (1925) and Will Rogers (1930).

Lightnin' (1930 film)

Lightnin' is a 1930 American comedy film directed by Henry King and written by S. N. Behrman and Sonya Levien. The film stars Will Rogers, Louise Dresser, Joel McCrea, Helen Cohan, Jason Robards, Sr. and Luke Cosgrave. The film was released on December 7, 1930, by Fox Film Corporation.