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Lightner is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Candy Lightner (born 1946), organizer and founding president of Mothers Against Drunk Drivers
  • Clarence Lightner (1921–2002), first popularly elected mayor of Raleigh, North Carolina and first African American elected mayor of a Southern city of over 50,000 residents
  • Sherri Lightner (born 1950), California politician
  • Theodore Lightner (died 1981), American bridge player
  • Winnie Lightner (1899–1971), American film actress

Fictional characters:

  • Aaron Lightner, in several Anne Rice novels
  • Violet Lightner, better known as Armory (comics), in the Marvel Comic universe

Usage examples of "lightner".

Ned, and Jason Lightner has a flute, and I--I have a small lot of books, Margaret, that I think will please you.

Margaret--and Ned, whose new fiddle has just come, and Jason Lightner, with his flute.

Even if Ned Hinkley was a perfect fool, which he is not, and Jason Lightner were no better,--nobody can say that they are not good musicians.

Her agent, Valentine Lightner, was there, seated behind the glassy expanse of his desk.

Talamasca, and Aaron Lightner, a member of the Talamasca whom we all loved.

Mathias Konkon fight, Pell Lightner came up to the three hundredth floor of the Fifth Business.

Pell Lightner came up to the three hundredth floor of the Fifth Business.

Laura Lightner, Tom Thomas, Shannon Story, Cerelle Simmons, Linda Reeder, Janice Zimmerman, the Bitkowers, dear friends in Kerrville and Weatherford, and of course, the Sunday night Acorn-heads.