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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Lightman \Light"man\ (l[imac]t"m[a^]n), n.; pl. -men (l[imac]t"m[e^]n). A man who carries or takes care of a light.
--T. Brown.


n. A man who carries or takes care of a light.


Lightman is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Alan Lightman
  • Gavin Lightman
  • Harold Lightman
  • John Lightman
  • Stafford Lightman
  • Toby Lightman

Fictional characters:

  • Cal Lightman, character in the television series Lie to Me

Usage examples of "lightman".

It was a lonely job, this wandering the deserted streets with night coming on, one which, in the past, had frequently required the lightmen to act as im promptu peace-keepers, there never, in the past, being enough constables to man the streets effectively.

Not all the lightmen worried about such things, there being a plethora of young ne'er-do-wells paying city penance to keep the streets clean, but Ben took pride in keeping his beat spif-spaf.