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a. Somewhat light in colour.

Usage examples of "lightish".

It had a lightish brown carpet, red woolen curtains, leather armchairs, and one big window that looked out to the stable yard.

In the two photos I have of her on my desk, her lightish brown hair is dark from just-taken showers.

A rather pale, stiffish-built man, lightish brown hair and moustache, dressed in a dark suit.

Charles was about my own age, rather like his sister, only that his eyes were blue, and his hair a lightish brown.

My eyes had become adjusted to the gloom and I could now see clearly the lightish road bounded by the formless obscurities of the ditch on either side.

His hair was possibly a lightish brown, windblown and just long enough to brush his collar.

Dorothy was a rather little woman, with lightish auburn hair, a large and somewhat heavy forehead, fine gray eyes, small well-fashioned features, a fair complexion on a thin skin, and a mouth that would have been better in shape if it had not so often been informed of trouble.

Frantz, tall with a pale, sallow face under lightish red hair, had a look about him like that of a person up for sentencing: part defiant and part scared.

His hair was of a good lightish brown, and not worn after any fashion.