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n. (plural of lighter English)

Lighters (song)

"Lighters" is a song by the American hip hop duo Bad Meets Evil, a group composed of Royce da 5'9" and Eminem and the second single from their first EP, Hell: The Sequel. Shady Records serviced the song for mainstream radio airplay in the United States on July 5, 2011. Written and produced by Eminem, Battle Roy and The Smeezingtons, the song features vocals by the American singer Bruno Mars, who was added after the original cut.

"Lighters" is an alternative hip hop song with elements of soul music and synthpop. Critics noted it for being different in style from other tracks on the EP. The song features bass, cymbals and keyboards. "Lighters" received mixed reviews; some critics praised the change in style, as a break from more hardcore and aggressive themes of the other tracks found in Hell: The Sequel, while others criticized it for the same reason. The song reached the top ten in New Zealand, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and the United States. "Lighters" was performed at the 2011 Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival and the Lollapalooza music festival.

The accompanying music video was filmed in July 2011 and was directed by Rich Lee. It portrays the two rappers in character as they guide themselves through an underground tunnel to reach an event by night. The video had a positive reception for its message.

Lighters (The One)

"Lighters (The One)" (originally called "The One"), is a song by British singer Gabz, released as her debut single on 30 June 2013 in the United Kingdom. Gabz wrote the song and is credited with her real name, Gabrielle Gardiner. It was produced by Graham Stack. The song entered at number six on the UK Singles Chart.

Usage examples of "lighters".

But, as my book tour began in February, there they were, the passengers with their Bic lighters and their books of matches.

The butane lighters were on the original list prepared by the FAA and sent to the White House for approval.

I have filed a Freedom of Information Act demand to the FAA, asking that they give to me all documents pertaining to the decisions that were made to allow deadly butane lighters and books of matches on board passenger planes.

All these barges and lighters must be in attendance to form an escort, and carry my provisions.

With two big lighters I could lessen Harvey's draught by five feet easy - lift her clear out of the water for that matter.

Those lighters are two hundred tons burden an' don't draw more than a couple of feet empty.

An' I'll pierce the lighters for sweeps, There'll be no beatin' to wind'ward any more than in a raft.

Mound was standing on his tiny quarter-deck, testing with his foot the tension of the big cable - one of Nonsuch's - which was wrapped round his own ship and both lighters, two turns round each, forward and aft.

In that time both ketches had been emptied of their stores, the cables roused out and got across to them, the lighters received and laid alongside in the dark, and each group of three vessels bound into a single mass with the cables hauled taut by the capstans.

While the sides of the lighters were being pierced Hornblower called Duncan and Mound to him and went over their final orders with them.

He saw the sweeps thrust out from the sides of the lighters take a grip on the water, swinging the vessels round, and then the white sails mounted the masts, and the queer craft sailed away out of range, making vast leeway which caused them to head crab wise aslant of their course.

And yet when Raoul began his labor of classing the flotilla, and got together the chalands and lighters to send them to Toulon, one of the fishermen told the count that his boat had been laid up to refit since a trip he had made on account of a gentleman who was in great haste to embark.

The people and the soldiers, mounted upon all the summits or irregularities of the rocks, could distinguish the masts, then the lower sails, and at last the hulls of the lighters, bearing at the masthead the royal flag of France.

Besides, supposing everything,- suppose the boat should escape with the men on board of it, how could the alarm be suppressed, how could notice to the royal lighters be prevented?

At first I thought this was a mistake until I looked at the list of banned items again–and saw that butane lighters and matchbooks were NOT on the forbidden list.