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light source

n. A source of illumination.

light source

n. any device serving as a source of illumination; "he stopped the car and turned off the lights" [syn: light]

Usage examples of "light source".

The scaffolding supported a platform of timbers which circled the weird light source, reminding Jazz vaguely of the ring system round Saturn.

One needed a portable light source to see the colors on the walls.

As the island became a speck and then disappeared from his view altogether, Johann attempted to track their position using both Marias superb eyes and the stationary artificial light source above them as references.

It cast two shadows on his palm, one, gray and diffuse, from the fat red star ahead of them, and another, fainter but sharper, from the light source behind them.

Faint streaks of haze crossed the sky, lit by a distant light source.

Here, a scientist who is somewhat ignorant in the ways of the world invents a combined light source and sun-powered energy source with an efficiency of ninety-eight percent that promises to wreak havoc with the power monopoly.

The setup was similar to that of my father, with a groined vault containing a light source superior to the candles.

Therefore, it was best to find a natural light source so that the quality of the picture would be as good as possible.

In the second part, a brother at the monastery is able to use old technology to develop an electric light source, thus ushering in a new era of progress .

They included a tiny but intense light source, an all-around visual sensor, and various cutting and sampling tools whose blades and bearings verged on the microscopic.