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n. (plural of ligament English)

Usage examples of "ligaments".

Anglo-Saxon element supplies the essential parts of speech, the article, pronoun of all kinds, the preposition, the auxiliary verbs, the conjunctions, and the little particles which bind words into sentences and form the joints, sinews and ligaments of the language.

Dragosani was a necromancer who ripped the private thoughts of the dead out of their ravaged bodies, who read their secrets in brain fluids and torn ligaments, in ruptured organs and eviscerated guts.

Joints creaking beneath the knotted ropes of ligaments, he crouched beside the nearest catfish.

She lifted the empty uterus up through the incision, stretching the eight or so ligaments anchoring it to the pelvic floor.

Then I wound on the waistband again and practically tore all the ligaments in my arm and back with a long and mighty heave.

All he could do was obey some imperative from underground, to haul until his ligaments tore and his sinews bled.