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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Lig \Lig\ (l[i^]g), v. i. [See Lie to be prostrate.] To recline; to lie still. [Obs. or Scot.]
--Chaucer. Spenser.


vb. 1 (context intransitive UK dialectal English) To lie; be in a prostrate or recumbent position. 2 (context transitive UK dialectal English) To lay.


Lig (; Italian: Liga di Canale) is a dispersed settlement in the hills northwest of Kanal in the Littoral region of Slovenia. It lies on the border with Italy and is made up of the smaller settlements of Lig, Kostanjevica, and Strmec, as well as a few remote farmsteads in the Kanalski Kolovrat range.

Usage examples of "lig".

When Lig slowly reached forward with the lantern, she had all the time in the world to smash it into the wall, plunging them into darkness, and to leap away and run.

Guide was taken over by Megadodo Publications of Ursa Minor Beta, thus putting the whole thing on a very sound financial footing, and allowing the fourth editor, Lig Lury Jr, to embark on lunch-breaks of such breathtaking scope that even the efforts of recent editors, who have started undertaking sponsored lunch-breaks for charity, seem like mere sandwiches in comparison.

King Ben of Ronagate bore down beamingly upon them, Queen Parel of Kilburnia regarded them with regal approval, and King Norock and Queen Narock, joint sovereigns of the Curious Kingdom of Lig, paused in their earnest discussion with the Archduke of Mercia to give a friendly wave.

Dat menen we ook, op dat moment, maar tien of twintig jaar later lig je in een scheiding.

Anders lig ik wel eens zoo een heelen nacht wakker, weet u, en dat is zoo vervelend.

Let us suffose that Kurt's nephew could reach the Glade without encountering a ligger, or a fack of khoovrahs.

Then came the grumbling rattle of a ligger, warning all others to stay out of its territory, and the keening of some strange bird.

Let us suffose that Kurt’s nephew could reach the Glade without encountering a ligger, or a fack of khoovrahs.