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n. (plural of lifetime English)


LifeTimes is an album by Diana Hubbard, released in 1979 by Waterhouse Records 8. In addition to Diana Hubbard, the album includes musical contributions from Chick Corea, Stanley Clarke, John Goodsall, Michael Boddicker, and Patrick Moraz. Jimmie Spheeris later persuaded her to record the album LifeTimes in 1979.

Usage examples of "lifetimes".

This is our own personal akashic record, and it stretches back over many lifetimes, too.

Although in this life he was a young man, only twenty-three, he had lived through seven previous Enlightened meamations, and he had the anemones of those lifetimes to guide him.

An old soul that had seen many other lifetimes, perhaps, but that was not the only answer.

The questions you ask yourself are often many lifetimes in the making-and many more in answering.