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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
a lifelong commitment
▪ Marriage is a lifelong commitment.
a lifelong companion (=someone who lives or spends time with someone throughout their life)
▪ Lucinda was her best friend and lifelong companion.
a lifelong dream (=that you have had all your life)
▪ His lifelong dream had been to write a novel.
a lifelong friend (=someone who has been your friend for the whole of your life)
▪ The two men were lifelong friends.
a lifelong friendship
▪ The two men formed a lifelong friendship.
a lifelong passion
▪ His lifelong passion for natural history began in childhood.
a lifelong/long-held ambition (=one that you have had all your life)
▪ It’s been her lifelong ambition to work with horses.
▪ It's taken artist, Chris Fiddes, 60 days to complete, the realisation of a lifelong ambition.
▪ She says it's been a lifelong ambition to work with horses.
▪ Stephen admits he's unlikely to realise his lifelong ambition of playing for Aston Villa.
▪ In 1990, however, David finally realised his lifelong ambition.
▪ One saves up for a lifelong dream, another spends all she has on a summer decades ago.
▪ Has he traded notoriety and this brief moment for his lifelong dream?
▪ His is not the usual tale of an athlete fueled by passion, fulfilling a lifelong dream at the Olympic Games.
▪ The merchant was flushed with drink; he grinned at Cranston and Athelstan as if they were lifelong friends.
▪ The prosecuting attorney was a lifelong friend of both Wilfred and Mark.
▪ At Puente Ruinas she lost her glasses and we all searched for them as if she had been our lifelong friend.
▪ Alvin met the genial master poet Langston Hughes, who became a lifelong friend and confidant.
▪ Subsequently we became lifelong friends, sailed many miles together and shared many adventures.
▪ It was around this time that he met George Underwood who was to become a lifelong friend.
▪ He likes his neighbors, but Arizona is too far from the ocean and too far from family and lifelong friends.
▪ When it does work, lifelong friendships can be forged with those you might never otherwise have been likely to meet.
▪ Theirs is a complex and lifelong friendship, even when the tumult of the times separates them for many years.
▪ Salisbury spoke-with great emotion, almost in tears-of his lifelong friendship.
▪ He made outstanding contributions to all branches of children's surgery but his lifelong interest was the aetiology of malformations.
▪ A cure for cancer was one interest, almost a lifelong interest.
▪ He is a distinguished astrophysicist with a lifelong interest in space.
▪ Lowther's lifelong interest was in the development of his estates in Cumberland.
▪ David Howard's lifelong interest in chemistry and the chemical industry was not limited to manufacture.
▪ A wine merchant by profession, with a well-established business in the Minories, he had a lifelong interest in cricket.
▪ a lifelong relationship
▪ It was her lifelong ambition to write a best-selling novel.
▪ My father was a lifelong supporter of the Democrats.
▪ The two remained lifelong friends.
▪ At Puente Ruinas she lost her glasses and we all searched for them as if she had been our lifelong friend.
▪ His lifelong condition causes a variety of motor impairments.
▪ His boss is a lifelong politician.
▪ However, considerations of long term safety are also important as lifelong maintenance treatment is usually recommended.
▪ I have a lifelong experience of banking, and have had to act constantly on personal judgment.
▪ Otis, who bore lifelong grudges over provocations infinitely smaller than this, was realistic enough to know when he was had.
▪ She had been introduced to competitive shooting by her husband, Georgean engineer and a lifelong competitive shooter.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Lifelong \Life"long\ (l[imac]f"l[o^]ng`), a. [Life + long. Cf. Livelong.] Lasting or continuing through life.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

also life-long, "continuing a lifetime," 1855, from life (n.) + long (adj.).


a. Extending for the entire duration of life.


adj. continuing through life; "a lifelong friend"; "from lifelong habit"; "his lifelong study of Greek art" [syn: womb-to-tomb]

Usage examples of "lifelong".

His lifelong affinity for bachelorhood and the simple freedoms it allowed had been shaken somehow.

The Marquess of Shropshire was dictating to his secretary a letter to his County Council, urging on them an item of his lifelong programme for the electrification of everything.

This had much to do with a lifelong iron regimen on his ergometer, the killer rowing machine used by international oarsmen the world over.

Even a lifelong acquaintance that possessed a great fondness for Jynx could not call her a beauty, or claim that she would ever be one.

Holymead murdering a lifelong friend, had to admit that the police had collected some damaging evidence.

Whenever she came nigh to severing their association, she found herself inundated with reminders of all the helpless creatures that her lifelong companion, Samantha Wyndham, and she had once nurtured as children.

What warning did the little genius have that her first stop beyond the olfactory heaven that Momma created would lead in a few frantic blinks straight to sheer rot, sheer animal rutting, to spiritual as well as physical debauchery, to the present moment, when she dared not show her shamed face to the world, not even to lifelong friendsespecially to lifelong friends?

Two of his lifelong friends were rival candidates for the senatorship from Maine, and each had expressed the hope that the old Squire would aid him in his canvass.

This splendid ceremony of inspection by the Doge was a day of annual triumph, for nowhere in all the world was there such an arsenal, and nowhere such an army of workmen,--thirty-five thousand men trained to the cunning from father to son in lifelong service,--with sailors, sixteen thousand more, who should presently make a brave review within those battlemented walls, to tickle the fancy of the Serenissimo and his guests.

On the eve of our departure we took leave of the newly-married couple and the whole family at supper, and we parted with tears, promising each other a lifelong friendship.

The lawyer had been a lifelong friend of Josiah Bartram, and the old contractor had been too shrewd a business man to have intrusted his affairs to any one who might later play him false.

Someone suggested Ross Griffin, a retired ski-bum and lifelong mountain beatnik who was going half-straight at the time and talking about running for the City Council.

When she sat in the High Seat beside Buri, even that grizzled old warrior, who had buried his lifelong wife only the season before, felt his heart race and his blood heat.

Fiorenza, Magnifico, than to be a Prince of the Blood and a lifelong exile.

Harvesting quahogs had been a lifelong hobby, and she suspected it now doubled as an additional means of support.