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Liche, also spelled Liché and Litché, was a settlement in Ethiopia in the late 19th and early 20th century. It was a major market town in Shoa and briefly served as that kingdom's capital. The future emperor Menelek was forced to move his court to Debra Bernam (modern Debre Berhan) in 1878 as part of his treaty with Yohannes IV.

Usage examples of "liche".

They had encountered a few servants of the dead liche during their escape - a pair of goblins who had put up a struggle, and two more of the skeleton-warriors.

Were the humanoids allied with the undead, given that a pyramid ship-long known to be an abode for mummies, liches, and other perversions-traveled in their fleet with them?

Most of the liches ignored him and strode toward the inn, but he still faced three of the monsters.

A dozen men and liches fought in a confused mass in front of the inn proper.

Folk bent close to dead liches to be sure of what they were seeing, then rose with exclamations of horror and disgust.

The liches came on, smiling skeletally through their translucent flesh.

He struck with the sword pommel, turned, and cut a pair of liches across at midchest with a single sweeping motion.

The liches were already dead, but perhaps her own blood would give Meder the power he needed for his incantation.

Neither the armor some liches wore nor the blows they rained with a variety of weapons on Meder had any effect on his actions.

Score of liches and their varied weaponry lay strewn and shattered across the polished floors.

Hot on their trail were gargoyle-faced liches in unhemmed robes, and behind them roared a phalanx of honking blue Volvos.

What was he up to with liches and magic spells and lessons in making Molotov cocktails?

Typical of all liches, he desired nothing more than to enhance his own power at any cost.

Now your blade is enchanted and can rend the flesh of any magical creature: harpies, liches, bugbears, anything.

Now the air reeked with the residue of mighty magics, of dragons and liches and others, power only a Neth could master.