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LIC is a three-letter abbreviation that may refer to:

  • Laudetur Jesus Christus
  • Life Insurance Corporation of India
  • Local Interstellar Cloud
  • Long Island City, Queens, a neighborhood in New York City
  • Listed investment company, the Australian term for "closed-end fund"
  • Licentiate
  • Low intensity conflict, in warfare
  • Low-income country, a form of categorising a country's level of development used by the World Bank
  • Ligation Independent Cloning
  • Lugar de Importancia Comunitaria, name for Site of Community Importance in Spain

In Education:

  • Liverpool International College, an educational institution located at New Baneshwor, Kathmandu, Nepal

In Alternative Energy Storage:

  • Lithium ion capacitor

In computers and electronics:

In Agriculture:

  • Livestock Improvement Corporation, a multinational dairy farming technology co-operative headquartered in New Zealand

Usage examples of "lic".

Held at the Roman Cathohad expected, perfectly stage lic cathedral in Westminster, it was a sombre but magnificent affair.

As for holding the hand of the other skeleton, it was culated that the dying miner had been reaching for the knife by lic, side.

Wetted footfall, the car door opening and then slamming, the metal-m lic clicking of our seat belts.

Helena, and now here we are again, in another Colony, this time having drawn them a Line between their Slave-Keepers, and their Wage-Payers, as if doom'd to re-encounter thro' the World this pub lic Secret, this shameful Core   Pretending it to be ever somewhere else, with the Turks, the Russians, the Companies, down there, down where it smells like warm Brine and Gunpowder fumes, they're murdering and dispossessing thousands untallied, the innocent of the World, passing daily into the Hands of Slave-owners and Torturers, but oh, never in Holland, nor in England, that Garden of Fools.

  Quis enim adeo obtunisi (obtusi) pectores (is) et a sensu inhumanitatis extorris est qui ignorare potest immo non senserit in venalibus rebus quaevel in mercimoniis aguntur vel diurna urbium conversatione tractantur, in tantum se licen liam defusisse, ut effraenata libido rapien - rum copia nec annorum ubertatibus mitigaretur.

Couple seeks couple to share safe house & loving friendship 3 br, 2 bths, Mercserv, all util, nr lic pvt schl, atrium garden.