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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ At the same time, the commission is looking for some one to take over as chief librarian on an acting basis.
▪ Dowlin named Kathy Page, chief librarian at the Main Library, as interim head of the system.
▪ The chief librarian is responsible for an operation that is made up of the Main Library and 26 neighborhood branches.
▪ The obligations of the professional librarian Members must fulfil to the best of their ability the contractual obligations owed to their employer.
▪ The school librarian, unlike most professional librarians works alone, usually the on professional librarian in the school.
▪ It is aimed at both local authorities and librarians to remind them of the professional responsibilities of librarians.
▪ The approach is not particularly useful for public librarians, but then the reviews are not written for librarians.
▪ Get to know your public and school librarians.
▪ Using teletext emulator packages, the school librarian has the facility to produce information in electronic and printed form.
▪ Get to know your public and school librarians.
School library services are also now increasingly building up software collections, allowing school librarians and teachers to see demonstrations of software.
▪ Where they exist, it is valuable to involve school librarians and media resources officers.
▪ The fusion of school librarian and teacher skills will again be demonstrated.
▪ She became school librarian, and always seemed to have a book in her hand.
▪ In all the above case studies, the importance of liaison between the school librarian and teacher is clear.
▪ Baum, the librarian who hosted his visit that morning.
▪ During recent years, librarians have become more aware of the need to evaluate programmes of library instruction.
▪ I mention this to Ann Ladam, the librarian, commenting on the hands on nature of the setting.
▪ I recognise that this may not go as far as librarians would wish.
▪ In each of these places, a librarian can help one find cases of interest.
▪ In effect, the report is stemming not just from the librarian and does not only concern the library.
▪ The approach is not particularly useful for public librarians, but then the reviews are not written for librarians.
▪ The Loughborough research shows that librarians don't have to feel apologetic about being on the margins of school action.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Librarian \Li*bra"ri*an\ (l[-i]*br[=a]"r[i^]*an), n. [See Library.]

  1. One who has the care or charge of a library.

  2. One who copies manuscript books. [Obs.]

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"custodian of a library," 1713; see library + -an. Earlier form was library-keeper (1640s), and librarian was used earlier in a sense "scribe" (1660s).


n. 1 The keeper, manager of a library 2 One who cares for the publications, files etc. in a library, whether staff or volunteer 3 A person who processes and organizes information


n. a professional person trained in library science and engaged in library services [syn: bibliothec]


A librarian is a person who works professionally in a library, providing access to information and sometimes social or technical programming. They are usually required to hold a degree from a library school such as a Master's degree in Library Science or Library and Information Studies.

Usage examples of "librarian".

That we moved your big soft body with allegedly not enough notice and that east-side school you cried over and that Negro research resource librarian there with the hair out to here that.

That the Librarian of Congress is hereby authorized and directed to have the Annotated Constitution of the United States of America, published in 1938, revised and extended to include annotations of decisions of the Supreme Court prior to January 1, 1948, construing the several provisions of the Constitution correlated under each separate provision, and to have the said revised document printed at the Government Printing Office.

The learned librarian, whose politeness was all the better for being completely devoid of affection, told me that not only could I have whatever books I wished to see, but that I could take them to my lodging, not even excepting the manuscripts, which are the chief feature in that fine library.

Those efforts had been in vain, since Armitage had issued warnings of the keenest intensity to all librarians having charge of the dreaded volume.

Librarians invented that soothing device for the febrifuge of their souls, just as I fall back upon the rites of the kitchen.

Another Filer, 9B-367-0, librarian at the university in Tashkent, had turned his interest to language due to the immense amount of material at his disposal.

For permission to quote from unpublished letters of Furphy in the National Library, Canberra, I thank Mr Kenneth Binns, former Commonwealth Librarian.

As chief librarian the present should be a valuable one to him, all the more as he had a large private library, of which my friend the Abbe Winckelmann was librarian.

Deputy Librarian Ness merely sniffed at Lirael and sent her to First Assistant Librarian Roslin, who kissed her absently on the cheek and sent her to Second Assistant Librarian Imshi, who was only twenty and not long promoted from the yellow silk waistcoat of a Third Assistant to the red of a Second.

He had engaged a young Cambridge man, Gregory Lewes, as his secretary and librarian, and the two devoted all their time to planning, writing, and preparing the monograph referred to.

But it was always possible for independent agencies to grow up under the protection of another part of the Magisterium, and the Oblation Board, which the Librarian had referred to, was one of these.

But long before they were magistrands, the best of them had a profound respect for the librarian.

Brother Armbruster, the librarian and Rector of the Memorabilia, stood watching it from a remote alcove in the shelves, his arms tightly folded and his face grim.

Hermione, while the librarian , Madam Pince, prowled the shelves behind them.

We may therefore be allowed to join the Chief Librarian of the Colombiana Library who thanks him for having caused the fact to be known that the text referred to was the original one.