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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Liane \Li*ane"\ (l[-i]*[=a]n"), Liana \Li*a"na\ (l[-i]*[=a]"n[.a]), n. [F. liane; prob. akin to lien a band, fr. L. ligamen, fr. ligare to bind. Cf. Lien, n. ] (Bot.) A luxuriant woody plant, climbing high trees and having ropelike stems. The grapevine often has the habit of a liane. Lianes are abundant in the forests of the Amazon region.


n. (archaic form of liana English)

Liane (river)

The Liane is a 37 km river in the Pas-de-Calais department in northern France. It rises in Quesques and flows into the English Channel at Boulogne-sur-Mer. Other communes along its length include: Selles, Brunembert, Bournonville, Alincthun, Crémarest, Wirwignes, Questrecques, Samer, Carly, Hesdigneul-lès-Boulogne, Isques, Saint-Léonard, Hesdin-l'Abbé, Condette, Saint-Étienne-au-Mont, and Outreau.

Usage examples of "liane".

Liane waved when she saw Cashel looking over his shoulder in her direction.

That would give Liane time to excuse herself from the ballroom and take custody of Rikka herself.

She had come to like Liane well enough, but she could imagine well why Rikka did not.

But of one thing Lanyard felt reasonably assured: now that she had him to all intents and purposes her foiled and harmless captive aboard the Sybarite, Liane would not keep him waiting long for enlightenment as to her intentions.

Isadora sent Mahri to the kitchen for the ingredients for the tea that Liane needed, and then set about straightening pillows.

Liane and Mahri and countless other innocents would be hurt, maybe even killed, if the rebels overtook the palace.

After Mahri had rushed from the room, Liane looked squarely at Isadora.

Liane and the babies would survive, and she would need Mahri and the nursemaid, at least for now.

If Mahri was all right, then maybe Liane and the babies were safe, as well.

Liane shut the door behind her, and reapproached the bed, trembling with an anger that rendered her forgetful, so that she relapsed into French.

Apart from a toilet break, and to drink and eat and stretch her stiffening limbs, he made Liane sit in the one spot as the master tattooist worked his magic.

Then he discovered some manner of sorcerous power over matches in the wind, lighted a cigarette, and signalised his sense of refreshment by smoothly edging the indicator needle up toward the eighty notch, where he held it stationary until Lanyard and Liane with one accord begged him to consider their appetites.

In a less strained tone Liane continued, ``Our family name is bor-Benliman.

The armored spearmen forced citizens away from Garric and Liane the way a froe splits shakes from a cedar log.

Liane the Wayfarer was not unknown in Kaiin, and many were ill-minded enough to work him harm.