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Lia is a feminine given name. In Spain the name is accented Lía. It America the name may be a variant of Leah Lea a diminutive of various names including Cecilia, Amelia / Amelia, Cornelia, Ophelia, Rosalia, / Roselia, Natalia, Aurelia, Adalia, / Adelia, Ailia, Apulia, Alia / Aleah Originating in Greece Meaning [ethereal, brighting]

Lia (singer)

Lia (born December 20) is a female Japanese singer-songwriter. Lia has performed various video game and anime theme songs, such as for Key's visual novels, Air, Clannad, and Tomoyo After: It's a Wonderful Life, the opening theme for Angel Beats!, as well as theme songs for RF Online and Initial D Fourth Stage under Avex Trax. The IA: Aria on the Planetes Vocaloid was recorded with Lia's voice, and was released on January 27, 2012.

Lia (artist)

Lia is an Austrian software artist. Born in Graz, she is actually based in Vienna. Her work includes the early Net Art sites and In 2003 she co-curated the Abstraction Now exhibition (Internet Projects and Medialounge) at the Künstlerhaus Wien in Vienna, Austria. In 2003 Lia received an Award of Distinction in the Net Vision/Net Excellence Category for

In the 1990s and early 2000s, she and her collaborator at Turux employed software normally used for multimedia CD-ROMs and Web page enhancements, notably Macromedia Director, to create animated abstract images, which "demonstrates the raw visual horsepower of these tools when they’re not yoked to some mundane purpose." Her early work has been highlighted in histories of computer and digital art, particularly for its use of novel forms of interactivity.

Lia subsequently developed and released interactive generative art pieces as iOS apps, and has discussed the ways in which her construction of digital art has evolved with changes in screen resolution. She has extensively used the programming language Processing, which is designed for visual design and software art.

Within Lia’s latest works “Filament Sculptures” (2014) is a series of 3d printed objects exploring 3d printing processes beyond the creation of simple 3d models. Lia investigates how it is possible to play with the amount of filament extruded, speed and the position of the printhead and how these parameters affect the final result. She created a processing application that allowed her to manipulate the parameters above and to create different types of filament sculptures.

She is one of the founding members of Crónica, a "media-label" publishing and distribution project for electronic art and cultural artifacts.

Lia (food)

Lia (fried paddy) is a prepared food from rice mainly consumed in the region of Odisha, India. The other varieties are Khai (fried paddy) and Ukhuda (fried paddy sweetened by jaggery). It is a form of puffed rice (Rice puffs while roasting it with heated sand) which is added with jaggery syrup. "Kora khai", a derived food from "khai" is offered to Lingaraja in Lingaraja temple, Bhubaneswar.