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Li Ting

Li Ting may refer to:

  • Li Ting (diver) (born 1987), Chinese female diver
  • Li Ting (tennis) (born 1980), Chinese female tennis player
  • Li Ting (kayaker) (born 1985), Chinese sprint canoer
  • Li Ting (volleyball) (born 1979), Chinese female volleyball player
Li Ting (tennis)

Li Ting (; born 5 January 1980) is a Chinese former female tennis player.

Li Ting (diver)

Li Ting (; born April 1, 1987 in Lingui, Guilin, Guangxi) is a female diver from the People's Republic of China. She is a member of the Dong Chinese ethnic minority.

Li started training in 1993 the second Chengguan primary school. She joined Guangxi Divers' School in 1994, and became a member of the provincial squad a year later. She was selected for the Chinese national squad in 1999.

Partnered by her twin sister Li Rao (李嬈) in the 9th annual Chinese national championships, she obtained the bronze medal for synchronised diving from a 10m platform. She won a Gold medal at the 2002 Asian Games, as well as Gold and bronze medals in the synchronised and individual high-diving events. In 2003, FINA World Championships she was declared winner of the synchronised high-diving event.

Li competed at the 2004 Summer Olympics, earning a gold medal in the women's 10 meter synchronized platform diving along with her team partner Lao Lishi.

Li Ting (canoeist)

Li Ting (born January 31, 1985) is a Chinese sprint canoer who competed in the mid-2000s. At the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens, she finished ninth in the K-1 500 m event.

Usage examples of "li ting".

ON the banks of the river Ching there lived two worthies, a fisherman named Chang Hsiao and a woodman named Li Ting- Neither of them had passed any of the official examinations.