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LGA may refer to:

  • Labor–Green Accord, a 1989 political agreement between the Labor and Green parties in Tasmania, Australia
  • LaGuardia Airport, IATA code for an airport in New York City, United States
  • Land grid array, a physical interface used by some microprocessors
  • Landesgewerbeanstalt Bayern, a German certification company
  • Lansing Grand River Assembly, a General Motors automobile assembly plant
  • Large for gestational age, a term referring to the size of babies
  • Lattice gas automaton, a type of cellular automaton
  • Lionsgate Academy, a public charter school in Minnesota, United States
  • Liptako–Gourma Authority, a regional development organization in Africa
  • Local government area, a type of governmental entity in several countries
  • Local Government Association, a body for advancing the interest of local authorities in England and Wales
  • London Gatwick Airport, an airport in London, United Kingdom (LGA is an acronym, LGW is the IATA code)
  • Low-gain antenna, an antenna with a broad radiowave beam width
LGA (disambiguation)