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LFT may refer to:

  • Lafayette, Louisiana (Amtrak station) in the United States (Amtrak station code LFT)
  • Lafayette Regional Airport in the U.S. state of Louisiana
  • Large File Transfer, an option to buffer/load mail attachments to a server and off-load from the message providing a link instead (Information Technology)
  • Layer four traceroute, a software utility to analyze computer networks
  • Legacy Family Tree, genealogy software
  • Ligand field theory, a theory that describes the bonding, orbital arrangement, and other characteristics of coordination complexes
  • Linear fractional transformation, a homography on the complex projective line P(C) where C is the field of complex numbers (e.g., a Möbius transformation)
  • Liver function tests, blood tests that give information about the condition of a patient's liver
  • Lufthansa Flight Training
  • Luyten Five-Tenths catalogue, a star catalogue
  • Lycée Français de Tananarive
  • Lycée Français Toronto
  • Lycée Français de Tripoli
  • "LFT", the first song on the Quadron album Avalanche (2013)

Usage examples of "lft".

The Sith was anxious for this confrontation, his body coiled and ready, his hands flexing about lfts weapon.