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The initialismLFP may refer to:


  • Lake Forest Park, Washington, an American city
  • Little Five Points, a district of Atlanta, Georgia

Firms and organizations:

  • Larry Flynt Publications, American adult entertainment company and magazine publisher
  • Liga de Fútbol Profesional, governing body of principal football leagues in Spain
  • Ligue de Football Professionnel, governing body of principal football leagues in France
  • Local Food Plus, a Canadian nonprofit organization
  • The London Free Press, a daily newspaper in London, Ontario
  • Lycée Français de Prague, a French international school in Prague, Czech Republic

In mathematics, science, and technology:

  • Least fixed point, in mathematics
  • Light-field picture, a photograph taken by a light-field camera
    • The file format used by Lytro light-field cameras.
  • Lisp and Functional Programming, a conference in computer science that merged into the International Conference on Functional Programming in 1996
  • Lithium iron phosphate, a compound used in lithium iron phosphate batteries
  • Local field potential, in neuroscience and biochemistry, a measurement of cortical activity