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The word LFE may refer to:

  • Low-frequency effects, a channel used in surround sound
  • Lambda Phi Epsilon, a nationally recognized Asian-interest fraternity based in the United States
  • Leicester Forest East, a settlement community to the west of Leicester, UK
  • Lisp Flavoured Erlang, a dialect of Erlang with Lisp-like syntax
  • Laminar Flow Element, a device used to smooth and help measure mass air flow.
LFE (programming language)

LFE (Lisp Flavored Erlang) is a functional, concurrent, general-purpose programming language and Lisp dialect built on top of Core Erlang and the Erlang Virtual Machine (BEAM). LFE builds on top of Erlang in order to provide a Lisp syntax for writing distributed, fault-tolerant, soft real-time, non-stop applications. LFE also extends Erlang to support meta-programming with Lisp macros and an improved developer experience with a feature-rich REPL. LFE is actively supported on all recent releases of Erlang; the oldest version of Erlang supported is R14.