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The Collaborative International Dictionary

LF \LF\ n. (Electronics) low frequency, a term used to refer to radio waves of a frequency from 30 to 300 kilohertz. Contrasted to HF, high frequency. [Acronym]

Syn: low frequency.

LF (album)

LF is Raymond Lam's sixth album. Released on July 22, 2011. The album contains 15 tracks and 5 music videos (CD + DVD). Several music videos from this album are Mandarin versions of the songs released in Raymond's previous albums, including First, Come 2 Me, Let's Get Wet, and Searching For You In Loving Memories.

Usage examples of "lf".

The book which describes the rusty emotions and toilsome Lves of the Thrums weavers will always remain a book that has given me something, and the fact that mine is merely the popular view and that what I feel in it can be equally felt by the majority of fellow-creatures, this fact, such is my hardened and abandoned state, only makes me like the book more.