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Leyre (river)

The Eyre is a coastal river that flows through the Moors of Gascony, in Aquitaine, Southwest France.

The river is generally presented as the confluence of:

  • the Grande Leyre (Large Leyre), its principal course, upstream from Moustey,
  • the Petite Leyre (Small Leyre), its main tributary.

''Note that Leyre is a variant of the name Eyre, affected by an agglutination of the Romance article''.

Usage examples of "leyre".

There they would turn south-east and follow the River Leyre until they reached the supply road.

Father Agostino Leyre, from the Holy Office in Rome, to help us understand the tortuous ways through which we must pass in these moments of pain.

Something that would put an end forever to the Agostino Leyre that I had been, preacher and brother at the Secretariat of Keys of the Papal States, theologian and official of the Holy Office.

Yabal el-Tarif where Father Agostino Leyre died in August of 1526 was less than one hundred feet away from the niche where these books were found.

He was lodged in the house of William de Leyre, an alderman of the city, situate in the parish of All Hallows at the Hay or All Hallows the Great.