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The Leyen hyperspace engine filled the chamber from top to bottom, about ten meters in height.

I had never seen a Leyen power converter before, but it looked similar to power converters we used on Babylon.

Those who became assimilated started taking the Leyen point of view, wondering why we were so attached to this ball of dirt we called home.

Finally, with our last dregs of energy, we managed to hit the Leyen ship dead center, and it exploded in the eerie silence that accompanies such things in hyperspace.

Madame de Schwartzenburg and the Princess de la Leyen and a good many more.

I was born as have passed since, the Leyens came to Earth and conquered our home.

The Leyens had no sense of morality, and no sense of individuality, and most of us rejected their misguided offer.

By the time my crew had gotten the systems working again, the Leyens were firing random bolts at our other five ships.

The Leyens must have overheard, because their ship turned around and sped towards us.

Far from here, closer to the center of the Milky Way, the Leyens were fighting with another race, one that they had tried to assimilate but that had not grown as weak and complacent as we had.

Shortly after the jump into hyperspace, we discovered that the Leyens had expected us.

When the Leyens and the hybrids came back, in their weakened condition we managed to take them out ship by ship.