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Lexulous (formerly Scrabulous) is an online word game based on the commercial board game Scrabble. It is run by an Indian company of the same name on a dedicated website, and is also available within the social networking site Facebook.

The Scrabulous website was launched in 2005, and the game was added to Facebook as an application in 2007, quickly becoming the most popular game on Facebook. Due to copyright infringement lawsuits, the game was removed from Facebook in 2008, first for North American users and later worldwide, with the Scrabulous website following suit.

A ruling by Delhi High Court allowed Calcutta-based Rajat and Jayant Agarwalla to retain the right to post their word game online, but they were not allowed to use Scrabulous, Scrabble or any other “similar sounding” name. Thus on 27 September 2008, a new website was launched using the new moniker "Lexulous". It has a live version and practice mode, and an option for play by email.

On 20 December 2008, Hasbro withdrew their lawsuit against RJ Softwares. On 1 January 2009, Lexulous was activated on Facebook starting with 0 monthly active users. As of 23 March 2009, the application had about 585,000 monthly active users. Electronic Arts' version had about 586,000 while RealNetworks' version had 357,000 users.