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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Lewd \Lewd\ (l[=u]d), a. [Compar. Lewder (-[~e]r); superl. Lewdest.] [ OE. lewed, lewd, lay, ignorant, vile, AS. l[=ae]wed laical, belonging to the laity.]

  1. Not clerical; laic; laical; hence, unlearned; simple.

    For if a priest be foul, on whom we trust, No wonder is a lewed man to rust.

    So these great clerks their little wisdom show To mock the lewd, as learn'd in this as they.
    --Sir. J. Davies.

  2. Belonging to the lower classes, or the rabble; idle and lawless; bad; vicious. [Archaic]

    But the Jews, which believed not, . . . took unto them certain lewd fellows of the baser sort, . . . and assaulted the house of Jason.
    --Acts xvii. 5.

    Too lewd to work, and ready for any kind of mischief.

  3. Given to the promiscuous indulgence of lust; dissolute; lustful; libidinous.

  4. Suiting, or proceeding from, lustfulness; involving unlawful sexual desire; as, lewd thoughts, conduct, or language.

    Syn: Lustful; libidinous; licentious; profligate; dissolute; sensual; unchaste; impure; lascivious; lecherous; rakish; debauched. -- Lewd"ly, adv. -- Lewd"ness, n.


a. (en-superlative of: lewd)

Usage examples of "lewdest".

Well, said Arthur, thou hast said thy message, the which is the most villainous and lewdest message that ever man heard sent unto a king.

His wife, Bela, a noxious sow of a woman, pushed her way among the tables and standing customers, rolls of gross fat quivering, mouthing the lewdest suggestions to her regulars, spilling drink indiscriminately on anyone luckless enough to block her path.

Moreover, he was the first to use silver urns and casseroles, and vessels of chased silver, one hundred pounds in weight, some of them spoiled by the lewdest designs.

She wore her lewdest panties and a pair of pirate boots, but she wasn't drunk like the rest.