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Levey may refer to :

  • Brian Levey (* 1984), American soccer goalkeeper
  • Edgar C. Levey (1881–1962), American politician (California)
  • Elliot Levey (* 1970s), English actor
  • Gregory Levey (* c.1978), Canadian writer
  • Howard Levey aka Anton Szandor LaVey (1930–1997), American author, musician and occultist
  • Michael Levey, LVO (1927–2008), English art historian
  • Mike Levey (1948–2003), American actor and journalist
  • Richard Michael Levey (1811–1899), Irish musician
  • Stanley Levey (c.1914–1971), American journalist
  • Stuart A. Levey, American politician, later manager
  • William Charles Levey (1837–1894), Irish musician

Usage examples of "levey".

Uwen say as they passed the hill and rode down past the road to Levey, and all through the ranks men blessed themselves or spoke softly to their gods, for the old oak had fallen, its roots uptorn from the muddy ground, great clods fallen all about, and the branches cracked and ruined.

I am certain of its vacancy, as I am certain there is no active shrine at Levey, and no hallow nor shadow beneath the oak that fell, not tonight, whatever may have been true at dawn this morning.

Crissand had said then, and taken himself off to Levey, as stunned to have heard it as Tristen found himself, having said it, riding out with the cavalry he far more coveted, and with Cevulirn, whose alliance gave him a weapon he could wield with far greater subtlety than the blunt, brute force of the Amefin and Guelen foot.

Trys Ceyl in the south and Sagany and Emwysbrook, to Dor Elen, Anas Mallorn, and Levey, displaying the banners, answering questions, bearing news.