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Letty, Lettie, Letti or Lety as a female given name is a shortening of Leticia (and its variants), Violet or Colette. It may refer to:

Usage examples of "letty".

Maria Mannix - Teddy Page Letty Branner - Iris Harrison Homer Elwood - Eric Jamison Roddy Hogan - after this was a series of question marks.

Letty was still fuming silently when she realized Joel had come to a halt beside a tiny eatery selling walkaway food through a window that opened directly onto the sidewalk.

On the way home after service, Adela had a brief murmured conversation with Letty Tew.

Near at hand there grew a silver birch Hubert Eldon, on one of the occasions when he talked here with Adela and Letty, had by chance let his eyes wander from Adela to the birch tree, and his fancy, just then active among tender images, suggested a likeness between that graceful, gleaming stem with its delicately drooping foliage and the sweet-featured girl who stood before him with her head bowed in unconscious loveliness.

You saw its influence in Letty, whose eyes seemed never at rest save when they were watching Adela, who sprang to her side with delight if the faintest sign did but summon her.

Letty, who almost shrank, to Adela, who stood with an air of patience.

When they were fifty yards on their way, a figure came out of a corner of the road, and Adela heard Letty call her name.

Waltham and Letty were talking of a visit Adela was about to pay to Stella in London.

Angharad had finally noticed her frailty and the loss of weight and had dragged her to Letty Charlottes, where she had received a stern lecture while a tiny implant was placed in her arm.

Think what it would be if he were to return to his own country as Bishop of Cork, Cloyne, and Ross, as to which amalgamation of sees, however, Aunt Letty had her own ideas.

Perhaps Letty best succeeded in conciliating her, for Letty was homely and had the children to help her.

Escorted by the social worker, the district nurse, the home help, the abrasive yet not ungentle niece, Letty is escorted down the unswept, grass-grown basement stairs into her own scarcely used front door that someone with a key has remembered to unbolt from inside for her return.

From the point of view of Letty and her late brother, this was not an economic rent, either, because they could not afford it.

Letty, who had been in low spirits for days past, was wearing a new and extremely dashing ball-dress of white crape so profusely embroidered with silver spangles that when she stood in the light of the great chandelier in the drawing-room the effect was quite dazzling.