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The Collaborative International Dictionary

n. (obsolete form of letter English)


Usage examples of "lettre".

Cinq minutes apres, il monte sur sa bicyclette et le voila parti avec une figure plus tourmentee encore que celle que je lui avais vue quand il avait recu la lettre.

If he escaped a lettre de cachet and a dungeon in the Bastille, it can only have been because the King feared the further spread of a scandal injurious to the sacrosanctity of his royal dignity.

Son nom complet brille explicitement, en lettres de grenats, sur une des faces du coffret qui le renferme.

The lettre de cachet was dated November 6th, and I did not leave Paris till the 20th.

XII Pendant que Barincq preparait le brouillon de sa lettre au baron, Anie annoncait a sa mere que, decidement, et apres un serieux examen de conscience, elle ne pouvait pas se resigner a accepter M.

I haue longe mused by my self of the sore confounded and vncertayne cours of mannys lyfe, and thinges therto belonginge: at the last I haue by my vigilant meditacion found and noted many degrees of errours: wherby mankynd wandreth from the way of trouth I haue also noted that many wyse men and wel lettred haue writen right fruteful doctrines: wherby they haue heled these dyseses and intollerable perturbacions of the mynde: and the goostly woundes therof, moche better than Esculapius which was fyrst Inuentour of Phesyke and amonge the Gentyles worshypped as a God.

La congestion se portant sur tout aux parties saillantes, moites de sang, le jaillissement campait toujours la lettre en cause sur le lieu atteint.

Aussitot que le notaire eut recu cette lettre, il la porta a son ancien camarade.

In tyme also of these Phylosophers sprange the florisshynge age of Poetes: whiche amonge lettred men had nat smal rowme and place.

But syns it is so that nowe in our dayes ar so many neglygent and folysshe peple that they ar almost innumerable whiche despisynge the loue of vertue: folowe the blyndenes and vanyte of this worlde: it was expedient that of newe some lettred man, wyse, and subtil of wyt shulde awake and touche ye open vices of foles that now lyue: and blame theyr abhomynable lyfe.

Tout de suite Roger se mit a ecrire cette lettre, qui fut longuement explicative et surtout ardemment passionnee, mais qui ne dit pas un mot des projets de mariage avec Dayelle fils.

Her Lying-in and Death--A Lettre de Cachet Obliges Me to Leave Paris in the Course of Twenty-four Hours All my friends seemed delighted to see me, and I was well pleased to find myself in such good company.

Immediatement il se rendit chez lui et tout de suite il ecrivit ses lettres, dont les termes etaient arretes dans sa tete.

Dragon, le porte-monnaie sac brun perdu vendredi 10 courant, car N ou Boulevard Louis XIV, contenant lettres prisonnier, photos et papiers.

Subscribe the order and give me a receipt for the lettre de cachet, and you can go at your convenience.