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  1. (context obsolete rare English) Let; demised, leased. v

  2. (context archaic English) (past participle of let English)

Usage examples of "letten".

Well could he letten blood, and clip, and shave, And make a charter of land, and a quittance.

For many a pasty hast thou letten blood, And many a Jack of Dover hast thou sold, That had been twice hot and twice cold.

Toen we eenmaal wisten waarop we moesten letten, zagen we veel subtiele verschillen.

Wanneer zij een Zeehond boven water zien komen, letten zij nauwkeurig op zijne houding en bewegingen, om hieruit af te leiden, hoe zij hem moeten aanvallen.

Write to him as soon as I am gone--for, Lois, I am going, and I bless the Lord that has letten me join my husband again so soon.

It had been Khan who had discovered that the heroin being sold in Letten by the Makdisis had not been his own.