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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Lette \Let"te\ (l[e^]t"te), v. t. [imp. & p. p. Letted.] To let; to hinder. See Let, to hinder. [Obs.]


Lette can refer to:

  • Lette (Coesfeld), a part of Coesfeld, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany
  • Lette (Oelde), a part of Oelde, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany
  • Lette, New South Wales, a locality in New South Wales, Australia
  • Henry Lette (1829–1892), Australian cricketer
  • Kathy Lette (born 1958), Australian author
  • Virginia Lette, Australian radio and television presenter

Usage examples of "lette".

  There was a lette Vere from Alexa, and another from Jill, telling her Brigadoon was taking a one-week charier to Martinique would be in Saint Lucia again the following Saturday.

Round was the shap, in manere of compas, Ful of degrees the heighte os sixty pas, That whan a man was set on o degree, He lette nat his felawe for to see.

This markys hath hir spoused with a ryng Broght for the same cause, and thanne hir sette Upon an hors, snow-whit and wel amblyng, And to his paleys, er he lenger lette, With joyful peple that hir ladde and mette Convoyed hir.

Looke, what day that endelong Britayne Ye remoeve alle the rokkes, stoon by stoon, That they ne lette shipe ne boot to goon, I seye, whan ye han maad the coost so clene Of rokkes that ther nys no stoon ysene, Thanne wol I love yow best of any man!