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Victory would carry its own affirmation of the righteousness of Lether and its ways.

Few may acknowledge it, but Lether is far richer for its devouring minorities, provided that digestion remains eternally incomplete.

They are of a tribe that was assimilated by Lether some time back, and now work to pay against their debt.

Bluerose to the north, the independent, unruly city-states of the archipelago in Dracons Sea, and the various tribes on the eastern plain had been pressuring Lether, driven against the outposts by one of the cyclical expansionist regimes of far Kolanse.

I would now speak to the official delegation from Lether, such as it is.

Their fleets will avoid any sea engagement, for they know that to conquer Lether you must make landing.

To the Edur, Lether is a poison, a corrupting influence, and in reaction to that the Edur have become a people entrenched and belligerent.

The first three you named are all paying tribute to Lether, and Kolanse is a mess from all we hear.

We shall undertake these journeys once Lether has fallen, once our empire is won.

The passage of time in a culture invites elaboration, not simplification, unless some terrible collapse triggers a fall of sorts, but the only trauma Lether has suffered came with the original fall of the First Empire and the subsequent isolation of these colonies.

It would join with these two armies, Trull knew, somewhere close to Brans Keep, and there the fate of Lether, and indeed of the Edur empire, would be decided in a single battle.

First Eunuch Nifadas was positioned to the right of the throne, holding the Lether crown on a blood-red pillow.

City of Lether seemed to have succumbed to depraved barbarity with the enemy still leagues beyond the horizon.

For your mad emperor to claim the throne of Lether, you shall have to pass through me.

Rhulad Sengar sat, draped in the gold of Lether, and the dying light gleamed in his hooded eyes.