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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ At peak times there is no let-up with an endless string of calls back-to-back.
▪ On past form he need fear no let-up in the fight.
▪ The second period saw no let-up from either side with both still determined to play 15-man rugby.
▪ There's going to be no let-up, you know.
▪ There can be no let-up in the war against drugs.
▪ There was to be no let-up for more than three months.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Let-up \Let"-up`\ (l[e^]t"[u^]p`), n. [See Let to forbear.] Abatement; also, cessation; as, it blew a gale for three days without any let-up. [Colloq.]


n. (alternative form of letup English)

Usage examples of "let-up".

He had been allowed to watch an Emergency rerun on the wardroom TV when they came in from hoeing and around six o'clock had begun jerking off constantly and without let-up, screaming Try to set the night on fire!