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The village of Lescun is a commune in the Pyrénées-Atlantiques department in south-western France.

It is at approximately 900m altitude in a grand cirque.

Lescun is situated on the GR 10 long-distance footpath traversing the Pyrenees. Combined with the dramatic scenery of its mountain backdrop, this makes it a popular focus for walkers and climbers. Several lakes and summits can for example be reached from Lescun, including the lake of Lhurs, the lake of Ansabère, the Billare, the Pic d'Anie, and the Grande Aiguille d'Ansabère.

With its old buildings and narrow streets, Lescun exudes a pleasant old village charm.

Usage examples of "lescun".

Early this morning, down in the village of Lescun, two outlanders were seen.

Gave, and, under the direction of a guide who had accompanied us from Bedous, we set forth, beside its rushing current, towards the cascade of Lescun, far up in the hills.