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Lepcha may refer to:

  • Lepcha people : People of eastern Nepal, Sikkim and Darjeeling district
  • Lepcha language : Language of Lepcha people
  • Lepcha script
  • Lepcha (Unicode block)
Lepcha (genus)

Lepcha is a genus of beetles in the family Carabidae, containing the following species:

  • Lepcha bran Morvan, 1997
  • Lepcha cameroni Morvan, 1997
  • Lepcha deliae Morvan, 1997
  • Lepcha gogonasensis Morvan, 1982
  • Lepcha heinigeri Morvan, 1997
  • Lepcha holzschuhi Morvan, 1997
  • Lepcha jelepa Andrewes, 1930
  • Lepcha lampra Andrewes, 1930
  • Lepcha lassallei Morvan, 1997
  • Lepcha ovoidea Morvan, 1997
  • Lepcha pygmaea Habu, 1973
  • Lepcha similis Morvan, 1997
  • Lepcha subdiscola Morvan, 1997
Lepcha (Unicode block)

Lepcha is a Unicode block containing characters for writing the Lepcha language of Sikkim and West Bengal, India.

Usage examples of "lepcha".

Australia and New Zealand: Abor Miri, Aneityum, Annamese, Balochi, Bentuni, Binandere, Cheremiss, Chungchia, Georgian, Houailou, Javanese, Kado, Kaili, Kopu, Kusaie, Lepcha, Lifu, Manchu, Manipuri, Manus Island, Marquesas, Mentawei, Mongolian, Mordoff, Mwala, Na-Hsi, Nicobarese, Niue, Ossete, Ostiak, Pali, Panjabi, Pashto, Perm, Petats, Samoan, Tho, Tibetan, Tonga, Vogul.

Oh, and Barralty--you know, the company-promoter that came down in the Lepcha goldfield business.

He was believed to be at the moment in the environs of Queer Street, for he was mixed up with Barralty in the Lepcha Reef flotation, and that was beginning to look ugly.

I thought we had him the other day over the Lepcha business, but we were advised that a prosecution would fail.

He came down in the Lepcha business, but there was never any suggestion against his character.

He spoke the Lepcha dialect with an indescribable softening of the gutturals.

On Darjiling station was the usual crowd of Lepchas, Nepalis, Eurasians, Sikkimese, Bengalis, nondescripts, and a scattering of Europeans, and there were certainly police spies in the crowd, some of whom studied our luggage labels.