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The Collaborative International Dictionary

lep \lep\ (l[e^]p), obs. strong imp. of Leap. Leaped.


n. A butterfly or moth.

LEP (disambiguation)

LEP is the Large Electron–Positron Collider, a particle accelerator.

LEP or Lep may also refer to:

Usage examples of "lep".

But bedad I was fairly past me patience, and up I leps, and I grabbed a hould of the little bag.

And second, if Foaly is being blamed for this little uprising, Koboi will want to pretend they had no weapons, just like the LEP.

Larry Lepper, despite his youthful appearance, was the greatest animator in the business.

Larry Lepper, snatching back the presentation piece before cigar ash burned holes in it.

Larry Lepper, of all the guys working in the industry today, would see the awesome potential of this concept.

Sunday evening Larry Lepper had generated a roomful of Spideroid model sheets, showing front and side views of different spider characters.

Larry Lepper, thinking the man was some assistant producer come to check on his progress.

Squirrel Girl, Magic Mouse, and other Larry Lepper creations, he owned it all.

Gordons had provided Larry Lepper with his dream, Larry had not complained or objected.

Larry Lepper donned his oversize Buster Bear head and waddled down the winding steps, his heart in his mouth.

Larry Lepper, grateful that he would not have to deal with the armed men.

My gratitude also goes to Mike Lepper, whose experiences in Oregon and beyond taught me much about the plasticity of the human brain and its capacity for recovery after severe head trauma.

Regency of Sirius, containing Lepper, is allied to the Republic of Nikkeldepain by commercial and military treaties of considerable value.

Ark Sool was the highest-ranking gnome officer in Internal Affairs, and he believed that the LEP was basically a bunch of loose cannons who were presided over by a maverick.

If Artemis had more of it, he could figure out how to contact the LEP and persuade Holly to use her magic once again.