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Usage examples of "leoun".

She was so swift that she anon hem hente, And whan that she was elder, she wolde kille Leouns, leopardes, and beres al to-rente, And in hir armes weelde hem at hir wille.

He slow and rafte the skyn of the leoun, He of Centauros leyde the boost adoun, He arpies slow, the crueel bryddes felle, He golden apples refte of the dragoun, He drow out Cerberus the hound of helle.

Aboute his chaar ther wenten white alauntz, Twenty and mo, as grete as any steer, To hunten at the leoun or the deer, And folwed hym, with mosel faste ybounde, Colored of gold, and tourettes fyled rounde.

But for noon hope for to fare the bet, But for to obeye unto youre herte free, And for to maken othere be war by me, As by the whelp chasted is the leoun, Right for that cause and that condlusioun Whil that I have a leyser and a space, Myn harm I wol confessen, er I pace.