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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

pseudonym or alias chosen c.1902 (for publishing clandestine political works in exile) by Russian revolutionary Vladimir Il'ich Ulyanov (1870-1924). Related: Leninist (1917); Leninism (1918).

Lenin (disambiguation)

Vladimir Lenin (1870–1924) was a Russian revolutionary and the founder of the Soviet Union.

Lenin may also refer to:

  • B. Lenin, Indian film editor, writer and director
  • Cherukuri Lenin (1985/1986-2010), Indian archer
Middle name
  • Gilbert Lenin Castillo (born 1988), Dominican boxer
  • Quiarol Lenín Arzú Flores (born 1985), football player from Honduras
  • Lenin (icebreaker) (formerly St Alexander Nevsky, after 1960 Vladimir Ilich), completed in 1917
  • Lenin (nuclear icebreaker), launched in 1957
  • Lenin, another name for the village of Çinarlı in Azerbaijan
  • Lenin (novel), a novel by Alan Brien
  • Vladimir Ilyich Lenin (poem), a poem by Vladimir Mayakovsky
Lenin (novel)

Lenin The Novel (published 1987) is a fictional diary of Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov (better known as Lenin) written by the British journalist Alan Brien. It follows the life of Lenin from the death of his father in early 1886, to shortly before his own demise in 1924.

Usage examples of "lenin".

In a letter written to Chkheidze, who at one time stood between the Bolsheviks and the Mensheviks, I gave vent to my indignation at the Bolshevik centre and Lenin.

Lenin on the bureaucratisation of the state and the role of the unions must have been made tongue in cheek.

Leaving me out merely emphasises the counter-revolutionary highhandedness that lies behind the attack on Lenin, Zinoviev and Kamenev.

Lenin had attempted to educate a leadership, to instil into the cadres of Bolshevism the basic ideas, method and programme of Marxism.

In order to outline, approximately in a few words, the nature and extent of those former disagreements of mine with Bolshevism, I will say this: During the time when I stood outside the Bolshevik party, during that period when my differences with Bolshevism reached their highest point, the distance separating me from the views of Lenin was never as great as the distance which separates the present position of Stalin-Bukharin from the very foundations of Marxism and Leninism.

If that is true, then Lenin himself was guilty of the arch-Trotskyist sin of conciliationism in his repeated attempts to get the Mensheviks to co-operate in the running of the Party for months after the Congress.

Petrograd Committee on November 14th, 1917, Lenin spoke on the danger of conciliationist tendencies in the Party leadership which constituted a threat even after the October Revolution.

Johnstone's quotation from Lenin on the bureaucratisation of the state and the role of the unions must have been made tongue in cheek.

In the smoke-filled bar, his head on the way to baldness directly under the ceiling light, he clutches his whisky glass, brandishes his tinkling drink, points with oft-painted Lenin finger at the future, and performs didactic plays for a theater-loving public.

Posters on the wall — Mao, Lenin, Sex Pistols, a Playboy centrefold with a crudely drawn moustache and glasses and even white teeth blacked out, Castro, Margaret Thatcher used as a dartboard, a Two-Tone band.

Such an approach has nothing to do with the method of Marx, Engels, Lenin and Trotsky, who always gave a clear and honest characterisation of the ideas of their opponents, in order to answer them.

Third, they all saw the necessity to return to that clandestinity demanded by Lenin of true believers operating inside a bourgeois society.

Marko did not learn until many years later that the crewmen of the Aurora had broken with Lenin — and been savagely put down by Red Guards.

They were, if not exactly the useful fools Lenin had once spoken about, then trained attack dogs to be unleashed when needed, but never really trusted by those who semi controlled them.

There, an Order of Lenin bought and sold in a charnel house, in the world capital of charnel houses that was Leningrad during the war!